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The ultrasound services provided by Alternatives are offered to any of our clients free of charge. We use a state-of-the-art Ultrasound machine to perform the scans. While most of the women we see visit us in the early stages of their pregnancies (the first trimester), we also scan women in the later stages of pregnancy.

Some of these women are facing an unplanned or unexpected situation, while others are excited but without insurance and in need of a conclusive ultrasound to apply for Medicaid.

All of the ultrasound examinations, regardless of the stage of pregnancy, include a general overview of the pelvic area. This is done to assure that the pregnancy has implanted in the uterus and not in any adjoining area (a medical emergency known as an ectopic pregnancy). Then the developing baby itself is examined to determine if the pregnancy is viable. A very important component of this part of the exam is measuring the heartbeat.

  • Free limited first trimester
  • Determine gestational age / How far along you are
  • Determine if pregnancy is progressing: ie heart beating and has fetus attached to uterus
  • Proof of positive test to help with application process for assistance
  • Licensed and certified sonographer
  • Meet with nurse for nutrition information and questions you may have