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Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him.
- Psalm 127:3

Expectant parents want to be informed.

The internet provides expectant parents more access to information than ever before. But, more information doesn’t necessarily mean better informed. This makes formal childbirth education more important than ever. Available in a variety of formats, InJoy’s evidence-based childbirth education materials provide a visual for every teaching point, including high-quality animation and real labor and birth footage.  Each eClass takes 5-6 hours to complete.  Access codes required.

Online Education

Three eClasses are available. 

Understanding Pregnancy eClass

Presenting the latest recommendations, this curriculum teaches the importance of good prenatal care, healthy nutrition choices, and avoiding hazards. Through 3D animation that brings fetal development to life, moms connect with their baby and are motivated to take care of themselves throughout pregnancy.


  • Fetal development
  • Medical care
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Discomforts
  • Hazards
  • Emotions

  • Fetal development: Overview of trimesters, changes to mom and baby in each trimester, 3D animation of fetal development.
  • Medical care: Choosing a provider, routine appointments, ultrasounds, first trimester screening, glucose tolerance test, Group B strep test.
  • Nutrition: Extra calories, weight gain, healthy cooking and eating habits, USDA’s “MyPlate,” foods to limit or avoid, iron and folic acid, dental hygiene, prenatal vitamins, cravings, beverages, breastfeeding preparation.
  • Exercise: Guidelines, safe and unsafe activities, exercise warning signs, Kegel exercises, exercise tips by trimester.
  • Discomforts: Nausea, constipation, heartburn, faintness, round ligament pain, backache, swelling, insomnia, leg cramps, Braxton-Hicks contractions, general pregnancy warning signs, preterm labor signs.
  • Hazards: Alcohol, smoking, illegal drugs, certain medications, X-rays, hot tubs/saunas/tanning beds, tattoos, environmental hazards.
  • Emotions: Common pregnancy stressors, stress-relief tips, support, body image, relationship tips, dads, domestic abuse.

Understanding Birth eClass

This curriculum provides comprehensive childbirth education that prepares expectant parents to have healthier and more satisfying birth experiences. Engaging video, life-like 3D animation, and personal birth stories give parents the knowledge and confidence they need to make informed decisions about their labor and delivery.


  • Pregnancy
  • Labor
  • Birth Stories
  • Comfort Techniques
  • Medical Procedures
  • Cesarean Birth
  • Newborns
  • Postpartum
  • Pregnancy: Fetal development, anatomy, discomforts, nutrition, warning signs, preterm labor, hazards, emotions, strength and stretching exercises, and more.
  • Labor: Pain theories, 4 P’s of labor, prelabor signs, onset of labor, stages of labor, and the importance of skin-to-skin contact.
  • Birth Stories: How the stages of labor unfold in real life, natural coping techniques, medicated pain relief, and partner support.
  • Comfort Techniques: Labor support, breathing, relaxation, massage, visualization, focal points, hydrotherapy, labor & pushing positions, back labor, and partner advice.
  • Medical Procedures: Birth plans, decision-making, induction, fetal monitoring, IVs, pain medication, augmentation, second-stage interventions, and nonmedical alternatives.
  • Cesarean Birth: Reasons for a cesarean, risks, anesthesia, 3D animation of surgery, recovery, reducing the risk for cesarean birth, breastfeeding, family-centered birth tips.
  • Newborns: Newborn hospital procedures, skin-to-skin contact, first feeding, newborn appearance, senses, behaviors, SIDS, abusive head trauma (shaken baby syndrome).
  • Postpartum: Involution, lochia, perineum care, rooming-in, baby blues, postpartum depression, healthy habits, breastfeeding, hunger signs, feeding frequency, effective latch, and getting support.

Understanding Breastfeeding eClass

Following International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) recommendations and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines, this research-based curriculum helps improve a mother’s chances for breastfeeding success. Through step-by-step instructions and 3D animation, moms learn how to achieve a deep latch, which breastfeeding holds and positions are best for them, and how to maintain healthy milk production.


  • How breastfeeding works
  • Getting the best start
  • Latching on
  • Breastfeeding positions
  • When to feed your baby
  • Getting enough milk
  • Breast care
  • Breastfeeding lifestyle
  • How breastfeeding works: 3D breast anatomy and milk production animation, colostrum, breastmilk qualities, why breastfeeding is important, AAP exclusivity recommendations.
  • Getting the best start: Sharing breastfeeding plans with hospital staff, skin-to-skin contact, rooming-in, lactation consultants, pacifier recommendations.
  • Latching on: Reclined and upright positions, 3D animation comparing deep and shallow latches.
  • Breastfeeding positions: Laid-back, cross-cradle, football, side-lying, cradle hold.
  • When to feed your baby: Hunger and satiation cues, feeding patterns and guidelines, how to feed a sleepy baby, cluster feedings.
  • Getting enough milk: Signs of milk transfer, growth spurts, feeding and diaper log, stool and urine guidelines, weight gain, getting help.
  • Breast care: Normal breast fullness, hand expression and pumping, engorgement, nipple tenderness, mastitis and other warning signs.
  • Breastfeeding lifestyle: Partner support and involvement, feeding in public, self-care, substances to avoid, support groups, returning to work.

Fee:   $20 per eClass.

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*INSTRUCTIONS:  eClass payments are processed through the Alternatives of Kalamazoo donations page but are not considered gifts or tax deductible donations.   For proper billing, please make sure "one-time" and  "prenatal eClass"  for the correct number of classes (x1, x2, or x3) are selected in the Frequency and Designation fields, respectively.  Enter amount in the space provided and complete payment by entering the remaining billing information on the form.  Thank you!

Understanding Pregnancy Understanding Birth Understanding Breastfeeding

Disclaimer: This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding pregnancy and delivery.