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Sexual Health

Medically-Accurate, Character-Based 

Willing To Wait (W2W) is a medically-accurate, character-based educational approach to sex and relationships that directly encourages sexual risk avoidance (SRA). The curriculum teaches positive and realistic life applications that promote self-control, respect, responsibility and good health.  This program effectively promotes an awareness of current sexual issues and gives teens the necessary skills for managing their sexual decisions responsibly.

Our Experience 

Alternatives has offered Willing To Wait as a part of our educational outreach since 2011. Designed for Middle and High School students, Willing To Wait is taught by certified SRA specialists. The eight (8) sessions can be presented as a complete reproductive health series or individually as  supplemental education lessons.

Middle School Sessions

  1. Everybody's Talking About It
  2. Teenage Pregnancy
  3. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Infections/HIV/AIDS)
  4. Emotional/Relational Issues, Making Choices
  5. Handling Pressure & Setting Standards
  6. Dating
  7. Unhealthy Relationships
  8. Healthy Relationships (Love Waits)

High School Sessions

  1. Sex: Everybody's Doing It
  2. Teenage Pregnancy
  3. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Infections/HIV/AIDS)
  4. Emotional/Relational Issues, Making Choices
  5. Dating
  6. Avoiding Unhealthy Relationships
  7. Healthy Relationships
  8. Reducing the Risk of Pregnancy: Contraception/Birth Control
    Note: This session is only taught in schools where the district has given permission.

"Willing to Wait is not 'your Grandma's abstinence education!' While a birth control/contraceptives lesson is included in W2W for high school students with prior approval from the school district, it is presented in a way that does not encourage students to begin or to continue engaging in the risk behavior of teen sex." 

- A. Bowditch, former Sexual Health Instructor, Alternatives


For more information about bringing Willing To Wait into your school, please contact the Department of Educational Outreach at Alternatives.

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"I am Willing to Wait!"

"Thank you for this informative class."

"This class has really helped me find myself and the signs that I'm giving away without even knowing."

"You really helped me figure things out in my life."

"This course helped me figure out stuff about relationships...I think."

"I think this class was effective."